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Always deliver the perfect message

Leading enterprises use Senzai's techniques to radically improve their campaign performance




Supercharge your Campaigns 

 Identify which customers are best suited to your existing campaigns, and create new strategies to target the rest:

Loving Son


Improving retention is a journey, and the best time to act is before the customer thinks about leaving. We help our client pick the best time, and the most effective offer. If it's too late to be proactive, then we'll make sure they don't want to leave.

Sales Agent


When it's time to add new services, our AI will help you pick the right one to increase the customer lifetime value. For new customers, we'll tailor the promotions to their needs.

Collecting Seashells


Collections are all about timing and tone. We help differentiate between customers who are struggling with payments, and those who need gentle reminders. Returning them to active long-term customers.

A Unique Pricing Model

We Only Charge Performance Fees*

3 easy steps:

Sign off on the measurement methodology 

Agree on the value of each incremental sale, retention and collection

15% fee of the agreed incremental value generated


Guaranteed ROI*

* For our Optimization Solutions only, based on a 15% performance fee on incremental value generated 

How it Works

We use machine-learning and causal inference techniques to estimate the impact of different treatments on expected customer outcomes

These estimates allow us to select the customers where we expect to see the largest impact from existing strategies, as well as create new strategies to target the remaining customer base

Causal Levers

The treatments that are under the customer's control which have an impact on outcomes


The conditional average treatment effects of the causal levers on customer outcomes


Merge Senzai's recommendations into existing or new campaigns


Use experimental design techniques to precisely measure gain

Senzai's Enterprize AI Solution

The new approach to how leading enterprises are implementing AI. It focuses on how you can improve an outcome instead of what the outcome is predicted to be. The outputs of Senzai's AI tell you which actions lead to the best outcomes.

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